Full Name
Igor Barsukov
Job Title
Manager Business Development
American Energy Technologies Co.
Speaker Bio
Dr. Igor V. Barsukov, an Executive MBA with the University of Illinois and an Honorary Professor KNUTD, is AETC’s Technology and Business Development Manager, as well as a company officer. Dr. Barsukov is well known for his work with carbons and batteries. Within 1998-2009, Dr. Barsukov has developed and commercialized several grades of carbon, which presently directly benefit the US battery market, including Alkaline, Lead Acid, Lithium-Ion and Li primary batteries. New materials, developed under Dr. Barsukov’s efforts complemented critical technological advancements in the following well-known consumer battery platforms: “Energizer® New Advanced Formula®”, “Energizer® e2”, “Rayovac Maximum PlusTM”, “Cegasa Super Alkaline”, “Rayovac Infinity Gold®”, Varta® High Energy, etc. As of 2009 he and the rest of AETC team have put on the market 16 new graphite & carbon products and 5 unique long calendar life Lithium battery systems for specialty applications.
Igor Barsukov