Full Name
Richard Carlow
Job Title
CEO, Co-Founder
True 2 Materials Pte. Ltd
Speaker Bio
True 2 Materials is a nanotechnology solutions company with a novel approach to EV battery recycling called Total Material Recovery™ (TMR). Current cutting edge recycling technology recover (say) 93% of cobalt or 90% of nickel? Why not 100%? And what are the solutions for the spherical graphite in the anode? Is “recycling” it as carbon black optimal? What is the plan for LFP cells that have no valuable base metals? TMR is based on new first principles fundamental science. It is not derivative of currently used techniques, nor is it a wrinkle on lab-scale approaches such as Froth Flotation or Microbial Recycling. It is entirely unique, elegant, clean and inexpensive. TMR is Direct Recycling; or as we say, direct recycling is now Total Material Recovery ™. We can recover all battery materials for re-use in an EV battery. The carbon anode can be reused in an anode. It is not reduced to carbon black, or landfilled, or burned. None of it is lost or damaged in the process. The active cathode materials can be used again in an EV battery cathode. They are recovered as cathodes (oxides). We do not produce sulphates, or damage the materials. If you are looking to establish an EV materials supply chain of the highest environmental standards: where you can produce anodes and cathodes domestically from recovered stock, we can help. Our results are exponentially better. It is significantly cheaper in initial CAPEX set up costs, and on a per ton operating cost basis to run, than current or proposed methods. We are carbon neutral and can extract more value from used or damaged batteries than currently used or proposed methods, with no negative environmental impact.
Richard Carlow