Full Name
Rune Nordgaard
Job Title
Japan Country Manager
Speaker Bio
Prior to joining FREYR as the Manager Director Japan at its birth in 2019, he has for 20 years
started and build up companies in Japan mainly in the Japanese automotive and electronic
industry for Norwegian global corporations. By training he has a Mechatronic Engineering degree
as in automatization and sensor technology.
FREYR plan to build 200GWh of Lithium-ion battery cell production capacity in Norway and US by
2030, first pilot factory was open in Norway this March, and first Gigafactory is planning to open in
FREYR Battery Japan is established to support the build-up of these factories. For FREYR having
a close partnership with Lithium-ion battery cell technology holders, suppliers, and consultants in
Japan is essential for FREYR`s business success. For this FREYR open a Lab in Japan for testing
of materials to take advantage of the battery value chain developed in Japan build up from when
the first rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells were made in Japan. FREYR is a partner driven
company, therefor having a close relationship to high quality support is essential for our success
and speedy development.
To for fill the Paris Agreement, to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius, it is
essential to change the global energy production from fossil fuel driven to CO₂ free alternatives,
and FREYR is committed to work on this change and to support the acceleration to a low carbon
Rune Nordgaard