Full Name
Bruce Richardson
Job Title
Executive Chairman & CEO
Anson Resources
Speaker Bio
Mr. Richardson has worked in the mining industry for 15 years and in 2009 when
Anson Resources Ltd (then Mayan Iron) was listed on the ASX, he was Managing
Director of the Company. Over this period Mr. Richardson has been involved in
several mining project both in Australia and overseas with a focus on iron ore,
base metals, lithium, and other minerals. Mr. Richardson identified the Paradox
Lithium Project in Utah, USA and has been focused on this opportunity moving to
the USA in 2019 to focus on this project. In 2018, Mr. Richardson became
Executive Chairman/CEO of Anson Resources. Mr. Richardson holds no other
Directorships in other listed companies. Mr. Richardson has spent more than 40
years developing business opportunities in China and is fluent in Mandarin and
has lived in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei for a total of 15 years. He has
raised approximately $250 million for private and public companies, including
Anson Resources.
Bruce Richardson