Full Name
Jaebum Park
Job Title
Senior Principal Researcher
Speaker Bio
Jaebum Park is senior principal researcher at POSCO Research Institute(POSRI). He began researching the EV and battery industry at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology(SAIT) in 2005 and has provided insight into the future of battery industry based on EV/battery technology and market analysis.
Since 2011, he has been researching the battery metal and material industry at POSRI(POSCO Research Institute). He conducts market forecasts and technology outlooks for the lithium, nickel, anode/cathode materials and battery recycling industry, and has presented his research results at many forums and seminars. In other words, Jaebum Park is researching the entire battery value chain (raw material - material - battery - EV - recycling).

Additionally, he participates in establishing business strategies for POSCO's business divisions (cathode/cathode materials, lithium, nickel, and battery recycling) and also serves as an in-house consultant who presents strategic directions.
Jaebum Park