Full Name
Lv Liang
Job Title
R&D Director
Huzhou Kunlun Enchem Battery Materials Co., Ltd
Speaker Bio
He has been deeply involved in the research and development of electrolytes for lithium-ion and sodium ion batteries for many years.
He has accumulated rich experience in the development of lithium-ion battery materials systems,including ultra-long cycle life of lithium iron phosphate,ultra-high rate 3C/5C fast charging,high-efficiency wetting agents,lithium cobalt oxide high voltage 4.5V/4.53V,termary medium high nickel high voltage 4.4V 4C/6C/8C fast charging,and high nickel graphite 4.3V high nickel silicon based anode(30%-50% SiOX),lithium manganate lithium titanate 4.7V lithium rich manganese,5V lithium nickel manganate,gel electrolyte,semi-solid battery,and special application directions such as ultra-high temperature 85℃-100℃ cycle,ultra-low temperature-55℃,-70℃ discharge,wide temperature range-40℃-85℃ charge and discharge,flame-retardant and high safety electrolyte have accumulate relevant technologies,and published 5 patents and 1 paper.

Currently I am the Technical Director of Xianghe Kunlun New Energy Materials Co.,Ltd.,providing customers with comprehensive and optimal electrolyte solutions,proposing new ideas for the research and development of industry pain points problems,difficulties,and forward-looking directions,and organizing the research and development of related projects
Lv Liang