Full Name
Chris York
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer
Speaker Bio
J. Christopher (Chris) York is the Chief Executive Officer of ADVANO.

Chris brings a wealth of experience and expertise to ADVANO and is well positioned to lead the company through the commercialization of its technology. Before his current role at ADVANO, Chris was the Senior Vice President for Strategy and Business Development at NOVONIX, where he was responsible for strategic planning and growth initiatives in areas such as cathode and anode materials, battery development, and analytical services.

Throughout his career, Chris has demonstrated a strong ability to lead and drive business expansion in the battery technology industry. Prior to joining NOVONIX, he successfully led the establishment of a new subsidiary focused on developing active synthetic graphite, silicon, and Si-G composites for electric vehicle Li-ion battery cells. Earlier in his career, he steered a significant Silicones business in North and Latin America. His efforts resulted in achieving short- and long-term business strategies, enhancing financial objectives, and improving operational efficiency, leading to substantial cost performance and EBITDA growth.

Chris has been recognized for his visionary leadership and strategic foresight, enabling him to secure high-profile partnerships and substantial investments for R&D projects, ultimately benefiting renowned clients like Tesla. With vast experience in managing global businesses and leading multi-functional teams, Chris has consistently driven double-digit revenue and EBITDA growth, securing strong market positions for the companies he’s been associated with.

Chris holds an MBA from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Indiana’s O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs.
Chris York