Full Name
Matthew Zolnowski
Job Title
Global Fellow and President
The Wilson Center and Greyfriars LLC
Speaker Bio
Matthew Zolnowski is a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center and President of Greyfriars LLC, a deal pathfinder and supply chain consulting firm.

Until 2022, Mr. Zolnowski was a Highly Qualified Expert at the Department of Defense (DoD), serving as Special Advisor for Strategic Materials and Portfolio Manager for Defense Production Act Investments. In these roles, he developed of the critical minerals report under Executive Order 14017 and oversaw the DoD’s implementation efforts. Mr. Zolnowski also managed more than $1 billion in Defense Production Act funds, covering critical minerals and COVID-19 healthcare projects.

Prior to his Government service, Mr. Zolnowski held management and analyst positions first at J.A. Green & Company, assisting mining companies and defense contractors, and then at Alion Science & Technology, supporting the DoD’s National Defense Stockpile and the U.S. Army.
Matthew Zolnowski