Full Name
Colleen Yates
Job Title
CEO and Chair
Regional Development Australia - Perth and Lithium Valley Inc.
Speaker Bio
Colleen Yates has been the CEO of Regional Development Australia – Perth (Western Australia) since 2013, where she has spurred significant business investment and job creation. Her leadership led to an economic development strategy for Perth and Peel (2016) and was the co-author of Lithium Valley in 2018, a significant document that led to both state and federal governments to consider the future of the critical raw materials sector for Australia. An MBA graduate from the University of Western Australia, she excels in inclusive leadership, strategic thinking, and effective communication. With a 35-year career spanning private, government, and non-profit sectors, she has demonstrated expertise in implementing change, engaging stakeholders, and simplifying complex challenges, making her a pivotal figure in fostering regional innovation and development.
Colleen Yates