Full Name
Darcy McPhee
Job Title
Program Manager, Earth Mapping Resources Initiative, Mineral Resources Program
U.S. Geological Survey
Speaker Bio
Darcy McPhee is the Program Manager for the Earth Mapping Resources Initiative (Earth MRI) within the Mineral Resources Program at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Earth MRI is a partnership among the USGS, the State geological surveys and other federal, state, Tribal, and private-sector organizations to modernize the nation’s surface and subsurface mapping to support our nation’s understanding of its geology and critical mineral resources. Prior to working with Earth MRI, Darcy served as the Acting Associate Program Coordinator for the USGS Mineral Resources Program as well as the Associate Program Coordinator for the USGS National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program where she ran the STATEMAP and EDMAP national geologic mapping programs. Darcy has a PhD in geophysics from Stanford University, and her career with the USGS began as a research geophysicist in Menlo Park, California. There she specialized in using gravity, magnetic, and electromagnetic techniques to study upper crustal-scale problems related to earthquake and volcano hazards, groundwater, geothermal energy, and tectonics in the western United States.
Darcy McPhee