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Thursday, June 8, 2023
7:30 AM
Registration Opens & Networking Breakfast Sponsored by Rio Tinto
8:30 AM
At the heart of the Energy Transition Vortex: Critical minerals and lithium ion batteries



8:45 AM
Words of welcome from US political leadership
9:00 AM
Fireside Chat: Developing America’s lithium ion economy
9:20 AM
American leadership in a new energy economy
9:40 AM
Networking Break sponsored by Nouveau Monde Graphite
10:10 AM
From Giga to Tera: How Batteries are Shaping a New Era in US Automotive Strategy
10:20 AM
Optimising the IRA: Government Policy, EVs and the Giga Challenge


Moderated by Jennifer Safavian this panel will explore:

· Understanding the global repercussions of the US Inflation Reduction Act to mobilise finance and investment at pace and scale

· Assessing mandates, subsidies and investment in green power and charging infrastructure to encourage battery value chain development

· The need for global & regional coordination, dialogue, transparency & consistency at state and federal level across all branches of US Government

11:20 AM
Rise of the US Gigafactory Keynotes: Strengthening Domestic Capacity


Moderated by Abigail Wulf this panel will explore:

· Challenges and opportunities of building battery hubs to serve America’s automotive industry and consumer base

· Innovation and R&D to create the quality and sustainable batteries that the US needs

· Developing the necessary skills in the local labour force - drawing on and enhancing existing workforces

· What companies are driving the race to scale? Is the top tier of Gigafactory operators settled or will new players disrupt the market?

12:00 PM
Keynote Fireside with Bob Galyen
12:20 PM
Meeting the Moment: The Technology to Scale U.S. Battery Production

Keynote Presentation

12:40 PM
Keynote Fireside: Strengthening the US automotive industry in the era of EVs
1:00 PM
Lunch sponsored by Glencore
2:00 PM
Mobilizing DOD Investment to Accelerate Domestic Battery Production
2:20 PM
Battery Raw Materials Keynotes: Addressing the global raw material disconnect


Livent: Accelerating scale up as a Leading Global Integrated Lithium Chemicals Producer

Paul Graves, President and CEO, Livent in fireside chat with Andrew Miller, COO, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Lithium Americas: Bringing the United States next large scale lithium mine into production

Jonathan Evans, President & CEO, Lithium Americas Corp

Bringing growth and optionality in lithium supply to meet Western EV needs

Martin Perez De Solay, Managing Director/CEO, Allkem Ltd.

3:20 PM
Keynote Presentation from Australian Ambassador Kevin Rudd
3:40 PM
Networking Break sponsored by Nouveau Monde Graphite
3:55 PM
Rare Earths Keynote presentation: MP Materials - Building America’s rare earth magnet supply chain
4:15 PM
American Made Critical Minerals


Moderated by Chris Berry this panel will explore:

· Understanding the US' domestic resource potential and battery supply chain projects in development across the region

· The importance of supply focused policy: Fast track permitting, direct government loans and grants to build domestic industry

· Creating a transport and logistics infrastructure aligned with the battery ecosystem

5:05 PM
Creating Cathodes & Anodes


Moderated by Roger Atkins this panel will explore:

· What role can the US play in cathode manufacturing and innovation? What technical innovations may disrupt cathode production its supply chain?

· Outlook for global anode and cathode supply and demand

· Importance of developing US mid-stream capacity for supply chain resilience

· Challenges of US domestic capacity expansion in advanced battery materials

6:05 PM
Government Investment Outlook
6:25 PM
Networking Reception
Friday, June 9, 2023
7:30 AM
Registration Opens & Networking Breakfast Sponsored by Rio Tinto
8:30 AM
Guest of Honor Fireside with RJ Scaringe
9:00 AM
Financing The Energy Transition
10:00 AM
Securing international partnerships for a global battery alliance


Moderated by Duncan Wood this panel will explore:

· How does the US balance the drive to energy independence with the need for international partnerships?

· As the geopolitics of new energy emerge, how can America strengthen strategic relationships with politically aligned markets?

· What does the IRA and America’s other incentives impact international cooperation?

· Analysis of how different approaches to policy, finance and activity across the region have developed some of the world’s most important battery hubs

10:35 AM
Understanding the US battery market and energy storage potential


Moderated by Albert Gore, this panel will explore:

· Exploring lithium ion battery penetration across passenger, commercial and alternative mobility markets, as well as other energy storage systems applications

· What is the pipeline of gigafactory development and what factors will determine their speed to market, size, nature & location?

· From mobility to grid storage – how the lithium ion battery will be the platform technology for the US' net zero carbon economy

· Understanding the national charging network and the potential of the stationary energy storage market

11:25 AM
Networking Break sponsored by Canada Nickel
11:45 AM
Sustainable Lithium ion Batteries & Supply Chains


· What is the true carbon footprint and environmental impact of the EV, the gigafactory and the lithium ion battery value chain? How can this be managed and improved?

· How can policy makers and industry leaders ensure that local communities throughout the value chain are informed, consulted, and upskilled to take benefit from the green economy?

· What steps are required to improve the governance, gender balance and minority representation within the value chain leadership?

12:05 PM
Battery Recycling in America: developing a circular domestic battery resources


Moderated by Chris Berry, this panel will explore:

· Pyrometallurgical, hydrometallurgical or direct recycling processes: What new technologies are impacting recovery rates and purity of recycled critical materials?

· Battery Passports and other initiatives in development for policy makers, OEMs and other stakeholders to improve traceability and circularity

· Developing a collection ecosystem to achieve America’s recovery targets and avoid leakage: What is the true potential supply and when will it be available?

· Exploring the issues of defining, harmonizing, and regulating global black mass supplies

12:55 PM
Lunch sponsored by Interco
1:45 PM
Critical Material Procurement Strategies


Moderated by Caspar Rawles, this panel will explore:

· Insights into how OEMs are finding a new role to play as they adapt their partnership and procurement strategies from ICE to BEV production

· Assessing the strategies of major OEMs and the different challenges faced by new players versus legacy car makers

· The impact of raw material price hikes on overall EV costs and risk of demand erosion for EVs

· The importance of quality control, supply resilience and sustainability

2:25 PM
Lithium: Scaling with Speed & Responsibility


Moderated by Daisy Jennings-Gray, this panel will explore:

· Review of battery grade lithium supply expansions from brine to spodumene; carbonate to hydroxide

· Is oversupply likely? Latest analysis on structural deficit through an overview of global extraction & conversion capacity landscape and forecast

· Beyond extraction – breaking into the black box of refining capacity

3:05 PM
Cobalt & Nickel & Manganese


Moderated by Daniel Fletcher-Manuel, this panel will explore:

· Examining the availability and sustainability of a key cathode components: What is the capacity for additional supply?

· Understanding market volatility and the pricing pressures

· How might next generation cathode chemistries impact demand?

3:45 PM
Networking Break sponsored by Canada Nickel
4:05 PM
Solving the Graphite & Anode Supply


Moderated by Tom Burkett, this panel will explore:

· Understanding the current landscape of graphite production and forecasted challenges and opportunities

· Natural graphite: Where is ex-China flake graphite in development? How are the spherical processing ambitions changing?

· Synthetic graphite: How is the ex-China synthetic graphite and needle coke supply chain developing?

4:45 PM
Avoiding the next raw material disconnect: Defining critical minerals


Moderated by Roger Atkins, this panel will explore:

· What materials and minerals markets may play a larger role in the energy storage economy?

· How can policy makers, battery manufacturers and OEMs prepare for future supply chain issues?