Please consider this agenda provisional, with additional speakers expected to be added to sessions.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2024
7:30 AM
Breakfast Networking & Registration Opens
8:30 AM
Benchmark Words of Welcome
8:50 AM
Words of welcome from Western Australia Government
9:10 AM
Guest of Honour Keynote

Opening keynote presentation from a leading figure in Asia Pacific’s critical mineral community


9:40 AM
Supply Chain leadership keynotes: Critical mineral security - Addressing the great raw material disconnect

❖ Understanding where structural deficits and surpluses exist in critical material supply chains

❖ The importance of securing an entire battery supply chain through diversity, resilience, and sustainability

❖ Creating a green premium: Building a market for supplies that ensures quality control starts at the mine site and continues through extraction


10:40 AM
Networking Break
11:00 AM
Charting Global Gigafactory Development

❖Asia Pacific's role in the global race to 300TWh deployed capacity

❖Shifting thinking from GWh to TWh for true Net Zero by 2050

❖What is the pipeline of gigafactory development and what factors will determine their speed to market, size, nature & location?

11:40 AM
Global EV & Battery Demand Dynamics

❖Understanding the role of the automotive industry  in the era of EVs and the global critical mineral supply chain

❖Exploring lithium ion battery penetration across passenger, commercial and alternative mobility markets, as well as other energy storage systems applications

12:20 PM
Unlocking trade for Australian critical minerals

❖Exporting expertise, best practice and technological innovation

❖Onshore projects with successful stories

❖Building alliances with key markets in APAC

12:50 PM
Networking Lunch
1:30 PM
Energy & Critical Mineral Perspectives From Across APAC

❖Analysis of how different approaches to policy, finance and activity across the region have developed some of the world’s most important battery hubs


2:30 PM
Battery Innovation, Cathodes & Anodes: Advanced material manufacturing

❖ Innovation in the chemistry and design from the cell pack to the anodes, cathodes, and how this will impact the critical materials required

❖ Natural and Synthetic Graphite Anodes and other anode feedstock supply markets

❖ Improvements in the structures and properties of cathode active materials

3:30 PM
Networking Break
4:00 PM
Recycling and Circular Economy Strategies

❖The importance of a closed loop for the lithium ion battery economy

❖What can policy makers, OEMs and other stakeholders be doing now to improve circularity?

❖Pyrometallurgical, hydrometallurgical or direct recycling processes: What are the new technologies that are impacting recovery rates and purity of recycled critical materials?

❖Adding balance to the market? What is the true potential supply and when will it be available?

❖Will longer life and second life applications of lithium ion batteries impact the availability of recyclable battery materials?

4:40 PM
Copper Spotlight

❖Exploring the pivotal role that copper will play in the energy transition

❖Supply and demand balance, market trends and pricing pressures

5:20 PM
Networking Reception
Thursday, September 12, 2024
7:30 AM
Breakfast Networking
8:30 AM
Leveraging Australia’s role as critical minerals superpower & investment hub

❖Dig & ship versus downstream development

❖Maintaining Australia reputation as a leading global mining jurisdiction

❖Aligning policy, investment and industry to support the energy transition and provide Australian prosperity

9:00 AM
Financing the Energy Transition

❖ Attracting capital to battery and critical mineral projects in an environment of higher inflation and interest rates

❖ Understanding the capital market landscape available to players across the gigafactory supply chain

❖ Identifying roadblocks between capital and battery industry projects

❖ Importance of ESG credentials to facilitating investment in the new energy economy

9:30 AM
National Security & Energy Transition Geopolitics

❖ Lithium diplomacy: Friendshoring and building global alliances through policy, trade and investment

❖ Understanding the global repercussions of the US Inflation Reduction Act and how leading jurisdictions are designing policy and incentive structures to mobilise finance and investment at pace and scale?

❖ The need for global & regional coordination, dialogue, transparency & consistency among policy makers

10:00 AM
Networking Break
10:20 AM

❖Supply forecast from existing producers and key development projects

❖Market outlook for lithium prices

❖What technologies are opening up new lithium resources to development and when can they be expected to impact the market?

11:20 AM
Cobalt, Nickel & Manganese
12:30 PM
Networking Lunch
1:30 PM

❖Understanding the current landscape of graphite production and forecasted challenges and opportunities

❖Natural graphite: Where is ex-China flake graphite in development? How are the spherical processing ambitions changing?

❖Synthetic graphite: How is the ex-China synthetic graphite and needle coke supply chain developing?

2:15 PM
Rare Earths

❖Understand the significance of rare earth elements as critical minerals and their unique properties that make them essential in various industries

❖Explore the demand dynamics in advanced electronics renewable energy, electronics and electric vehicles

❖Discuss the supply chain vulnerabilities, strategic considerations and geopolitical implications

3:00 PM
Networking Break
3:30 PM
Building APAC Battery Storage Capacity

❖The importance of battery storage capacity to meet future energy demands

❖The role of lithium ion batteries and critical minerals

5:00 PM
Close of conference