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Tuesday, March 12, 2024
7:30 AM
Networking Breakfast & Registration Opens
8:30 AM
Benchmark Keynote
8:40 AM
Words of Welcome from Swedish Government
9:00 AM
Words of Welcome from European Commission (Video)


9:10 AM
Battery Manufacturer Opening Keynote: The battery revolution and the impact on critical minerals
9:40 AM
Launch of the Swedish Battery Arena - Invitation to battery destination Sweden
10:00 AM
Automotive OEM Keynote: Understanding the automotive industry in the era of Evs
10:20 AM
Networking Break
10:50 AM
Keynote Address (Video)
10:55 AM
Solving the great raw material disconnect
  • The need to build secure supply chains of the materials needed to power the energy storage revolution
  • Understanding where structural deficits and surpluses exist in critical material supply chains
  • The importance of securing an entire battery supply chain through diversity, resilience, and sustainability
11:45 AM
Understanding the European Battery Ecosystem
  • Lithium-ion batteries – Looking at scenarios of cost and market growth 
  • Ensuring long-term engagement and commitment of all relevant stakeholders to establish a competitive and sustainable European battery value chain
12:30 PM
Financing the energy transition keynote
12:50 PM
Networking Lunch
1:50 PM
Highlight keynote: European Raw Materials Act
  • How does the CRM Act support Europe in developing local critical raw material supply chains?
  • Diversifying and securing supply of critical raw materials through international partnerships between EU and resource-rich countries 
  • Achieving circularity in the raw materials value chain: How can recycling address Europe’s supply vulnerabilities?
2:20 PM
Access to Finance Panel: Improving and facilitating access to funding for battery & raw materials projects
  • Alternative financing strategies
  • Variables impacting critical minerals investment in Europe
  • Looking at ESG credentials to facilitating investment
  • Importance of Government funding in de-risking critical minerals projects
3:05 PM
Networking Break
3:35 PM
Panel: Recycling and Circular Economy Strategies
  • Importance: why is it so vital to build a circular battery economy & what are the challenges?
  • Policy: What can EC and national gov in Europe do? 
  • Technology: What are the available solutions?
4:20 PM
Cathodes, Anodes & Battery Innovation Panel: creating a European hub for mid stream capacity & next generation battery development
  • Challenges & opportunities of building midstream capacity in Europe
  • High-performance cathodes and anodes for rechargeable batteries
  • Sodium ion, Silicon anodes, solid state and alternative battery chemistries that will shape future markets
  • How policy, finance and industry can be aligned to support innovation in Europe
5:20 PM
Understanding Battery Demand Dynamics keynote
5:50 PM
Networking reception & End of Day 1
Wednesday, March 13, 2024
7:30 AM
Networking Breakfast
8:30 AM
Building Global Alliances
  • Understanding the geopolitics of new energy
  • Need for balancing competition and cooperation in building a global lithium ion economy
  • Benefits of building alliances in critical minerals and battery production
9:15 AM
Critical Mineral Mining Policy - How Europe can boost its own mining industry
  • Critical Raw Materials Act: Securing the EU’s future supply of critical raw materials
  • How can we ensure a sustainable and ethical supply chain of raw materials?
  • Environmental and legislative concerns to setting up mines in Europe
  • How achievable are the EU critical raw materials targets?
10:00 AM
Networking Break
10:30 AM
Building and Operating Sustainable Gigafactories: Working to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Selecting regions with low carbon electricity suppliers for the launch of battery production at giga-scale
  • A new approach to construction to ensure that both the factories and their products are sustainable
  • Reducing C02 emissions using green energy to operate a gigafactory
11:20 AM
Highlight keynote: Mining the energy transition
11:40 AM
Sustainability Keynote: Understanding battery emissions in light of the EU Batteries Regulations
12:00 PM
Networking Lunch
1:00 PM
Lithium: European lithium resources and projects in development
2:00 PM
Cobalt, Nickel & Manganese
  • Understanding market fluctuations and pricing challenges
  • Can future supplies keep up with growing demand before the market reaches a mismatch?
  • Examining the availability and sustainability of a key cathode component: What is the capacity for additional supply?
3:00 PM
Networking Break
3:30 PM
Graphite Keynote
3:45 PM
Graphite Panel
  • Understanding the current landscape of graphite production and forecasted challenges and opportunities
  • Natural graphite: Where is ex-China flake graphite in development? How are the spherical processing ambitions changing?
  • Synthetic graphite: How is the ex-China synthetic graphite and needle coke supply chain developing?
4:30 PM
Close of Conference